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My husband and I found out we have to move. Our lovely, large upstairs apartment in the older Victorian house was needed by our landlord-friends, very soon. After eight years of being here, it is a struggle in many emotional ways. We knew this would happen eventually, but eventual is now. Now we have to roll forth like thunder!

Worries, tight schedules, tons to pack while we are both working full-time, financial refiguring to plan for rent upgrades and moving expenses – all landed like stacks of impossible tasks. So much changed with one announcement.

So I had to process it all in a hurry. Where to begin? Every place feels like the middle. Boxes and paper are already everywhere, and things to give away and to sell, and I can’t find that fat magic marker! Frustration and panic and layers of plans float about me and I want to wake up in next month. I have been through many times in my life where the situation was stressful and demanding and I have always relied on God to help me. He has always proved faithful. But each situation is its own dilemma. This one took me a few moments to look up and cry out for help from the One Who always does.

This morning I collided sweetly with a verse in Psalm 37. “Commit your way to the Lord, {roll and repose each care of your load on Him}; trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) also in Him and He will bring it to pass.” (Verse 5, Amplified Bible)

Roll this situation onto the Lord; my care and anxieties and insufficiencies about it onto Him. I imagined a great big rock I was rolling up to God, and I had to re-roll it a lot of times back onto Him today, as I got all filled with swirling thinking. I know it is okay with the Lord that I have to roll this situation and the details onto Him, and take my worries off of it, and then try that again. I couldn’t roll this off myself if I did not have a growing relationship of love and trust in the Lord. Every Monday night that my husband is off at a rehearsal with the chorus he sings with, it is my time to turn on worship music, get a pad and pencil ready, and spend those two hours sitting before the Lord Jesus, just being in His presence and thinking of Him, and listening. So it was no surprise, that after a great Monday evening this week, I got found by Psalm 37:5 again. Just in the nick of need. I will keep packing, and rollin, rollin, rollin…