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At the beginning of April I set to work on a new-old tradition; making our own Easter card. Only I call them Resurrection cards. Most of my card-sending life I have perused cards in the stores trying to find ones that really expressed the joy of the holiday and the real reason we get to celebrate it – but most cards are flowerful, bunny and egg fancied creations. Even though I am thrilled it is spring, finally, I am not sending a card celebrating eggs and rabbits and candy.Card

No, I want a card that flings the windows open with glory and riotous praise and wonder, like it must have been for Jesus’ friends when they found His tomb empty! From heartbroken to amazement!
Unheard of! Empty and no sign of the body! Where was Jesus?
The door blasted open by paradigm shiftings, messengers with wings and earth-rocking POWER!
Welcome to forever in dimensions not seen before.

Resurrection! Then the real Jesus was back! In touchable form, no grave clothes, and able to go through walls! SO scary a reality to His enemies, that they made up a lie to cover the mystery.

No card for that. Just have a Happy Easter ones. What happened there, and why did He do it?
For us. I have know that for decades, but this April, as I searched for the way to tell the most astonishing news on the planet, I really got impacted by the verses I came across in the Bible. Impacted with a super-charge.

Bamm – Halleluia! He died for us and then He rose for us! To give to anyone who believes in Him and follows Him the same resurrection life He got!

Burst! Out of the tomb with pure power of love from God His Father – and now our Father, so we can live in resurrection power on the earth and be positioned with Jesus in Heaven, as well.
The earth-shaking wonder of it all! You can’t stuff that into a card. I know that – but I do know that for me Easter is really Resurrection Day, and I want to fling all the windows open and celebrate!

“But God – because of and in order to satisfy the great and wonderful and intense love with which He loved us, Made us alive together in fellowship and union with Christ. And He raised us up together with Him…in heavenly places in Jesus Christ!” (Ephesians 2:4-6, Amplified).