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About a year ago, I was writing and talking to the Lord and I very clearly heard the Spirit of God list three things to me, as important guidelines. The list was clearly not something I came up with, so I hurriedly wrote them down in my journal:

Call Me Lord of Everything.
Hold nothing tightly but My Hand.
Fast the temporal to gain the eternal.

The three things stood out as tremendously important and wise. I sat there and studied them. Very deep, very true, and very impossible to do them without the Author’s help Himself.

For a while, I pondered these things often, and tried to figure out, in prayer, what I needed to let go to get closer to obeying the advice. Things filled in my time and life, as things do, and it was a year later (and a few days ago), when I suddenly got reminded of them. By the Lord. I was writing a piece about money, and how it tends to take a lot of attention when we are struggling financially, or needing to meet an important payment. I was realizing that what a person focuses the most in is what has that person. Since finances were frequently on my mind, I pulled back in an inner recoil and realized that more often than I like, money (or need of it) has my attention.

What did the Lord suddenly remind me of, gently and clearly? The three guidelines He had shared with me. It was a kind correction….like shining a light on the right footpath.
Was I calling Him Lord of everything when I was trying so hard to meet my own needs?
Was I holding tightly to just His hand, or hanging onto my things, too?
Was I fasting the temporal to gain the eternal? Probably not even close. I did spend time as often as I could with the Lord to draw closer to Him, but I knew there was more.

I was glad to be reminded of this encounter with the God of the universe, and His wisdom. It is for me, and I really feel you can have these truths, too.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all else will be added to you.” Luke 12:31