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So this particular birthday was an important one….kind of milestone-ish in timing, and I was thinking about more than the usual birthday. My husband was going to take me out to dinner, and pick out a nice present, and we would go get frozen yogurt at the new ice cream place in town. And then he got sick four days before the event. Hmm. Sick and sicker, no matter how I gave him hot tea and kept him resting. By the evening before my birthday, I felt his forehead and packed my celebration plans into a heart suitcase. My husband was sick and he came first.

Praying, and feeling a bit sorry for me that evening, I asked the Lord, “what will You do for me on my birthday?” Then I got busy getting ready for my going to my job in the morning. In the middle of my fussing about I heard a clear suggestion land in me, “stay home tomorrow and take him to the doctor.” I had instant affirmation in my heart. OK. I would do that, and I knew I would call the school in the morning with my absence.

The morning dawned and I went about household things, enjoying the card my thoughtful, though really sick hubby had given to me. He made an appointment with the doctor after lunch and crashed into bed. The day had just begun-–and God is the God of Surprises! Up came my friend (and landlady) from downstairs with a pretty bag of fun gifts. Wow, I felt instantly celebrated! An hour later my sister from Arizona called and was delighted to be able to talk to me instead of leaving a message. Then two of my daughters called, and then up came my landlady’s son with a plate full of freshly made cupcakes in my favorite flavor, maple walnut!

Birthday mail with goodies…and then a good friend called and asked if she could take me out to dinner that evening. Just us girls. Really? I was so celebrated and surprised by the end of the day that I knew with no doubt at all that God had wanted me to stay home and help my recuperating mate, and get a lot of surprises. Unforgettable.