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Cold, colder, and even more cold – a bad driving, slow car starting, heaviest coat winter. Indeed it has been, for us on the East Coast, a very long and cold winter.

Then came a pause, or two, for a sunny day with temps in the 40’s, and one in the 50’s, for a short afternoon, then plummeting into the cold, again! No packing away the wool yet, or the thick boots. So cold that it’s even cold while holding hot coffee.

It is the first day of spring on the calendar, and I look outside and there is not a green thing in sight. Elusive spring. Everywhere I go people are saying, ”I am so tired of winter. When will it be Spring?” They mean a perfect spring, of course. Here in Vermont we have two seasons before perfect – Mud season and Pollen season. NO one likes those either. Will Spring in it’s glory really make people happy?

I kept getting the picture of a smile.

A genuine smile is like an island of satisfaction
A coaxing of someone into a proximity of pleasure
A warm little campfire to gather at for a moment
or a greeting card in person form.

I will not pretend that this long and very snowy winter has been easy for me either, but I want to wear a smile more often, anyway. Smiles for God for getting us through. Chuckles at the rows of “ice whiskers” on people’s cars. Smiles, because I remember the people in Exodus who remained in their desert due to their grumbling. Ooops.

“…he who has a glad heart has a continual feast.” Prov. 15:15b

“This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:21)

It is still March. Even if it doesn’t look like, or feel like Spring, on the outside, it could be spring on your insides more, if you exercise the warm smile.

May warm blessings come your way.