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Daniel, little one born years ago, to be the little brother of two sisters and a brother just two years older. The baby eagerly awaited, born for a very short visit. Today is the anniversary of his birthday, and I couldn’t get away from honoring him on this day. His first blog.Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

When we, as a family, found out about the severe birth defect Daniel had, awaiting his birth became a challenge, and a faith-walk. I hung on to God healing him completely. Then just being born alive was the first step. How we longed for a miracle, and instead, we got many, but none as we had pictured. Today is the 33rd anniversary of that dear little boy. My Mom’s heart remembers him every year, but this year seems stronger and more purposeful, for some reason. My adult kids and I shared texts about the day, and poignant memories.

One thing I am especially grateful for, my love of pen and journaling. During and after this baby Daniel’s life I wrote about it all to help me,to tell his siblings and to tell the interested world. There is a God who frames each life with miracles, and Daniel had many we shared with him. Finally, after all these years, I have collected my words, formed them into a book, and will soon have it in print and on the internet. It is called Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Can’t wait to honor him with it. Exciting reading. Happy birthday Daniel.