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Sunshine! This morning the very bright, real, yellow sun was here! Right here in my Vermont town. The cloudless blue, brilliantly clear sky beaming rays that glint off the brilliant white snow. It wonderfully hurts the eyes, beckons people outside to walk about, and woos the people to take off hats and coats to soak in the life of the light.

Sunlight dazzling, cheering, melting snow, painting everything with joy.

I could hardly wait to get out side. I found errands to do outside, I craved outside. So many days had passed with harsh, icy, overbearing, snow laden weather, and this day was like a peek into another season. What a freeing, rejuvenating day! Funny how I could be so thankful, so joyous, for something as simple as sunshine, but I am thankful, even as I write this hours later.

The actual sunshine lasted only a few hours, but I still remember that glorious feeling in my heart. In the winter, we in Vermont are often sun-deprived. Then I connected with the Bible verses I had been enjoying this very morning: subject – God is Light. How amazing. Indeed, the very Creator of the Heavens and the earth began it all by calling forth Light. He is Light. (The true Light, {the genuine, perfect, steadfast Light}, that illumines every person. (John 1:9 Amp.) Hmmm. I was sun deprived, but I did not want to be God deprived. Just like I needed to get my skin in the sunshine, I need at all times to remain in the more real presence of Jesus, the Light of the world, and of my soul. All of us were created to need both kinds of light. Light rejoices our souls. May even your darkest days be full of the real Light from above!