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Almost light, eerie silence so early in the morning. I stood looking out the picture window of our upstairs apartment in Vermont, viewing the effects of the storm we had had overnight. How much had fallen? I could measure it with my eyes by judging the thick snow hats on the hedges next door. Our cars were hidden beneath igloos of white. Wow, there was at least a foot or more on everything below. Icicles hung like organ pipes on most of the eaves. The only sound I heard in this muffled world was the faint scraping noise of a shovel up the street.

Snow upon snow, drift upon drift…the predicted storm really had hit us, and so many other people in so many other cities and states in my country. I could imagine their surprise, and sometimes dismay, at the work of clean-up ahead of them, too. Many had it so much worse than we did, and I stood there in thankfulness to the Lord for what we did have. I felt a strange fellowship with all who were sharing hardship, disruptions and shivering, together.

Well, I had been done with my original Part II, yesterday and was just about to end with a quote, when it suddenly, and unexplainably disappeared and the laptop shut down on me, unasked! I gulped, called for my techie husband to help me find my hard work, but no matter how he researched, it was gone, and by that time it was almost eleven o’clock in the evening. So I sighed and went to bed. My heart was not especially thankful at this loss.


Early this morning, I awakened to get my Bible time, which I so enjoy, and I felt I needed to first write down the idea that I was getting about the blog I had lost. Actually, I always write my blog so I still had it in its first stages. When I finished, I knew, in my spirit, that the blog of yesterday had been incomplete. I was thrilled that it had been lost. With the Lord being my blog consultant, I really think it was lost on purpose.

Storms happen on the outside, lately they have been happening often, and they can be scary, intense and hard to really prepare for. All of also experience storms on the inside of our hearts and minds, and they might not be as easy to clean up after. Both kinds are bigger than we are, and not welcome.

I had in mind the much told account of Jesus in a boat with His disciples, being hit by a sudden and dangerous storm at sea. The disciples were flooded with fear as huge waves flooded their boat. Jesus, The Author of Peace, was asleep in the back. When the fear of His friends awakened Him, He first stilled the outside storm, then reached out to the men with a question about their insides – “[Why are you so fearful?] Where is your faith (your trust, your confidence in Me- in My veracity and My integrity?” (Luke 8:25a AMP)

Today is like the calm of the storm that hit our state. The sun is even trying to peek out. My inner storm, of sorts, I had brought to Jesus and straightway this morning He calmed it for me. My blog is as it should be, and I remember He is the Author and Finisher of my faith. As well as of my writing that is surrendered to Him.

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27 NKJV

The End—I Hope!