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I had dropped by the local store to pick up a few items for us, and I couldn’t find a grocery cart. The parking Lot was packed, the store was brimming with people, and it was still at least an entire day away. There is a fresh winter storm coming, and I have been hearing its “rumblings” for a couple of days now. We just got done with a walloping snow event a week ago, if that, and now another was coming our way. All across the lower part of the country and aimed right at Vermont and even Maine, it is coming. We may be Vermont folk, but a storm gets people talking, even though it comes with the territory.

At lunch today, sitting among the teachers in the break room, I heard storm talk. Cell phones with weather apps were scanning the news to locate and describe this approaching monster. Oh – the counting of storm inches to come. Oh, the pre-mourning for the June vacation day about to be lost in trade for the snow day approaching. Snow was about to become more of a quench than a ground covering. I caught myself getting tense about it all, and I needed to take a step back. Storms are hard, dangerous and hold a fascination for most, especially if your town is a target, but this storm, named PAX by the weather channel was named for the wrong kind of peace. Pax is a kind of peace that having military strength in a place provides. I needed to step back and up, into the real Peace that my Father God offers me when I let go of the tension and receive it. I knew I needed that. Especially when a broadcaster called the approaching storm Stormzilla. I needed to back out of survival mode and speculations and into Jesus, my Peace who calms the inner storms, as well as outer ones. Stay tuned for part Two. And may the Lord protect you and keep you if this storm comes your way.