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All last week, in various ways, the same theme seemed to be highlighted before me. First it showed up in my midweek devotional reading early in the morning, with a very good word about not being anxious for anything, but trusting God instead. Check. Yeah, I admitted to being a bit anxious about getting things done so we could be ready for our weekend trip to see family in Maine. Too many household things to wrap up, time closing in, etc.

Then the theme came up again with a stronger invitation from God to trust in Him in all things and not to be worried about circumstances, but to let His peace guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. I searched my inner snarls as I scurried to get ready to go, asking the Lord to forgive me for being anxious, and to relax in Him.

Then there was the Weather Channel piece to contend with. Predictions of snow here and snow there grew daily in probability, and I searched them, wondering if it was a good weekend to go after all. Here an inch (or three), there an inch (or more), everywhere an inch, inch…

I did not relish us driving a long distance in messy conditions, and I got a bit worried about that, and another good message on not looking to conditions, but to the Lord instead. Hmmm.

Finally, we were off to Maine, Saturday morning in a flurry of snow, and my heart flurried too. I had read a passage that morning about trusting God in all things, and it reinforced my need to relax and believe Him for a safe trip. A half hour into the trip the snow had stopped, and we rolled into Maine, and family in great style and timing. Halleluiah. Until that evening, when we set off to the next town to our hotel, in really thick and messy snow, rapidly falling and quite slippery in texture. When did that happen?

The roads in the small towns were circuitous, very up or down hill, and not too stable beneath our wheels. I wanted to get really anxious, as we slid about occasionally, trying to get good traction, but I kept it to a minimum and kept thinking, God, God, He knew this was coming……..and then it hit me – this was a test of my learning all week. A heavenly POP QUIZ! You can learn something in your head, but until you really practice it as a truth and come out on the other side, it doesn’t get into your heart, or your life as a reaction.

I did not think perfectly, or even react in perfect trust or rest, but I got closer, and we got safely to the hotel, of course, with me learning again, that God will test the Word in us with live experiences. Pop Quizzes.