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Yes! A day off! A holiday! Having yesterday off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was timely. Delicious thoughts of how to spend the day rose up in my mind. Then competing thoughts of what I needed to accomplish that day rose up, too!
Hmm: Joyful Freedom / a list of a lot to do…
It was quite like the clash of the Titans in my conscience. Which to do, what to do?

Day A
Catch up on a good book, talk a walk,
Make some personal phone calls
Cook some cookies…write and read some more.

Day B
Right after my Bible time, get some closets rearranged,
Clean out the refrigerator,
Check out any changes to my newest manuscript,
Organize a few more areas.

Early that morning as I contemplated it all and stood in the middle of both Plans, trying to decide, I realized with a memory jog from God – the day was not mine to fill alone.

Psalm 139 came to mind and I rushed to it to read it.

“…in Your book all the days of my life were written before ever they took shape, when as yet there was none of them.” (Ps. 139:16)

The psalm reminded me freshly that there was already a plan for my day, and if I wanted to discover what it was, I needed to give it back to the Author of it, and go into it listening for each part to be revealed.

People called yesterday a holiday to commemorate a special man: God called “the day that He has made.” Plan eternal should come before my Plan A and Plan B, if I want it to go as it was written in that book of all the days of my life. It was intriguing to think about how the God of the Universe wrote a special book about my life, full of details and lovely plans and growing times. All I had to do was surrender and let Him lead.

So my holiday? Well, I had a great, lengthy morning study time, an unplanned visit with a friend, a few errands, a relaxed time of household rearranging, a rest on the sofa, and a day of peace. Nice.