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What am I known for? This question I have hardly ever lingered over.
Until a little child revealed a part of the answer to me.
While on my way to the staff lunch room at the school I work in, I passed a very long line of Kindergartners going in to their lunch room. A cute little boy spied me and shouted out to me with a wave, “ Hey, hey, Mrs. D. My sister said you are the one who makes the best soft playdough!”

I smiled, I waved, I walked on, pondering that excited announcement.
I was good at making playdough. It was a skill or attribute that that small boy considered important.

Hmmm. My fame was spreading. Until now, this skill was known only to a few small preschool classrooms. Now, who knows? Really, it is funny, but that small declaration made me think. We all live our lives before people, wherever we go. We leave impressions of what we do and who we are. Our character is out there. Either we are doing good, or otherwise, blessing or not, life in living color before the eyes of people and of God. Children are especially good at knowing us. So what do I want to be actually known for? I am quite happy to be known by some children as a good, soft playdough maker. That is real. What are you known for?