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Very, very cold. Very still this morning.
The ground is blank and quite white.
Windows in my kitchen framed in icy frost.
Peering down below, from my second story window,
I can see that the street in front of the house, is also white, and empty.
Even the sky, right after the dawn, is almost an eerie white.

This deep, wide and awesome cold is a common denominator, for a lot of us now.
A cave-dwelling time, and an activity quench.
Usually the beginning of a new year is full of people
Checking out sales, and dashing to stores and sports.
This inside beginning gave me a lot of quiet time to think about important things and not so important things, and to talk to a lot of friends and family on the phone. A catching up time, indeed.

And a thankful reflection time. Thankful for having just filled up the furnace with some oil. For electricity, for food tucked in the pantry and fridge, for good boots and warm gloves. We also, my husband and I, realized even more clearly our vulnerability to things around us. And our need for Someone very much in control, our God Almighty.

Back to my kitchen reflections, though. As I tried to really warm up around a really hot cup of coffee, I thought about how much of America was stuck in the cold wave like we were. Several of my family members were in Maine, in dense cold themselves. I prayed for them, and watched out the window over my kitchen table, and suddenly, bright sunlight broke through the pale sky, flooding the roof next door with yellow light. It felt like the first down payment of Real Light.

Hope filled me and I wrapped my bathrobe more snugly around me and found myself softly singing the strains of an old song,
“God bless America, land that I love, stand beside her and guide her, through the night with the Light from above….”

God bless you with the Light from Above, too.