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Balloons! Fireworks in my heart!
It is my 100th blog!

I am celebrating because I am the woman that never considered writing a blog, until God strongly headed me in that direction. I agreed to try it on the condition that I did not have to come up with something to write…I wanted God to give me ideas. Thus began my intrepid steps out of my comfort writing zone.

I want to thank all of you, my blog readers from all over, who have read my entries, commented, stuck with me, and encouraged me. What have I learned from this year of 100 blogs? I have learned to trust God to come through with ideas, in His timing and in His way. He has seen me pace anxiously for something to write, sit at the computer and wait, jump up from activities to get the inspiration down, cry out, “I am blogless in Vermont,” and in various other states of waiting to hear His quiet suggestions in my heart. I learned that God is always faithful, but eager for me to grow. I actually also learned that writing a blog is fun. SO much so, that I am aiming for my 200th now!

I also want to highlight my wonderful, partner in this, my husband Kevin, a real computer “techie” who always was able to take my typed up writing, edit it if necessary, and send it to the blog site. He knows how to embellish my entries with pictures and art, and he would tirelessly run to my aid when I made frequent computer booboos. Whew!

It has been a great year, and I want to encourage those of you who like to blog, to keep on with it. I am sending more thank yous, and blessings for a fulfilling and satisfying year, and the ability to quest for the truth in deeper ways. God bless!