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So, my husband and I drove to Virginia, near D.C., to visit three of our married children and their kids. Nice driving weather was a reward, and an excellent hotel for five nights in a lovely town was like icing on the cake. It was located near our family, and it was a great place to relax.

It is my pattern to rise up early, when I am alone, and read the Bible, so I followed that routine that I enjoyed so much at the hotel. Early in the morning just before the sun comes up completely is a soft and peaceful time to pray and read and listen to the Lord.
It seemed as if the whole hotel was asleep, as was my husband in the bed not too far from me. I loved the large desk in the room with an adjustable study lamp and a swivel office chair that was comfy.

Pen ready – coffee ready after fumbling at the coffee machine in the far corner to make it quietly. Bible open, notebook ready, too. Click on the light, aiming it low, finding it harder than usual to build up a space here for my routine.

Just as I was longing for this settling time to be easier, I heard the quiet prompting of the Lord in my frustrated spirit, “I am here in this new place, too. Never let our time together be routine.”

Wow. Very clear. It was a new day and a new place and I needed to listen for Him in the unfamiliar, too. He made me know He loves to stretch me, and that it is not in the how I reach out to Him, it all about me reaching and Him responding.

Wherever I was I could have a fresh hour, and fresh inspiration from Heaven.

Part 2

So, when we got home from a wonderful week of Christmas with children and grandchildren, I got up early that next morning, at my familiar table, and just as I settled down with my usual ‘equipment’, a wonderful idea came to me, and I opened my notebook and wrote a sort of poetic thank you “psalm” to the Lord about how wonderful our trip had been and how thankful I was for each part. I really enjoyed writing it, and before I finished, I sensed the pleasurable presence of the Lord in the room, close to me and tangible in the air. I had launched into a fresh new way of having “breakfast with God.” He changed my box for me, and I am quite sure He will do it again! Good.

By the way, this is my 99th blog and I am excited about the upcoming 100th!