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Oh, such as full word – like everlasting – like eternity – never ending!

Eternal things, God and Jesus and Holy Spirit, and creation and …us.

Christmas is broadcasting the never ending Message: Jesus Christ is Lord!!

Blow the trumpets!! Shout Halleluiah!!
Sing your heart out!

Ring the bells!

The Christmas card that God sent the World…is the Creator of the Universe to live with us on the very planet He came to save, People and all!

Yes, the earth is in Good Hands!

Good News! Good Tidings of great joy! “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and all that dwell therein.”(Psalm 24:1)

For God so loved the world…..
Such radiant and radical and rich redemption for all that God has made is good.
The eternal plan that He has for His creation transcends our mistakes and neglect, and redeems it all.

Repeat the sounding Joy

Celebrate Emmanuel
God with us.

No wonder the birth of Jesus
Is so wonderful.