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There I was, this Saturday, sitting at the local Laundromat, waiting for a huge load of laundry to get done. There was a lot to wash, and I chose the largest machine, so it would all get done at once. For the past few weeks it was my lot to go here, because our washing machine was broken, and we did not have a new one yet. I certainly had prayed for a new one, but God was encouraging me to go here. Why? I found out that He really likes this Laundromat. He has people there for me to meet, and love on, and how else could He get me there?

Just think, for a mere $6.75 a week I can sit with folks in my community that I don’t usually get to know, and chat with the desk attendant. She is so much fun. And I have had the chance these past few visits to observe how good she is at listening to the social and personal woes of the regulars there.

The Laundromat is actually a small community of sorts, I have discovered. They take care of each other. If you drop stuff, they help you pick it up. If you are a new arrival, like yours truly, they help you when the quarters get stuck in the slot. No one questioned who I was or why I was there. But I was welcome, and could talk with any woman that came in, and help them, too.

When I am done, I usually pause to talk to the smiling attendant. Yesterday she was beaming, as usual, so I told her I loved how she was so friendly and smiling.

“I try to always to be smiling for everyone who comes in.” She answered, smiling.

As I drove away, I wondered, and am wondering now as I type this, do I try to smile at everyone I meet at my job? Could I take a lesson from the desk attendant?

I actually like doing my laundry there. Hmmmmm.