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They came here on an old boat without any real GPS system, with no AAA maps, no brochures of the destination, no promised perks at the other end. They brought a small sack along of their possessions, farm implements and their kids. It was plan A with pretty much no plan B. No Weather Channel to check the weeks ahead, and not any Coast Guard to rescue them “in case”.

A hundred brave people on a little ship named after a flower, gathered tightly aboard in friendship, relationship, aware of the need to have stewardship over their collective resources, remembering to worship the Creator who would be their real GPS, and Coast Guard, and they launched out, enduring hardships, to take their ship to a place of freedom.

There are a lot of ‘ships’ in those words….and it was fun to write early this morning, in my notebook, as I thought about these forerunners of our liberty. I got started on this picture in my mind because I was reading the Bible early, and Paul the Apostle mentioned how we, as believers, should not neglect so great a salvation as we have through Jesus, and warned us not to drift past it, then in I Timothy: 1:19, told us others who neglected to lean entirely on God, and to trust in Him with confidence, and how they “made shipwreck of their faith.” Not good.

Right now, as it is approaching the big day of Thanksgiving, I am thinking about my own ship of faith, and how I am a ‘pilgrim’ on a journey of faith, and Jesus is the “captain of my salvation.” Hebrews 2:10. I remember that Hope is the anchor of my soul, according to Hebrews 6:19, so with courage and trust in God, the real map of my journey, The Way, I keep sailing, There has been and will be rough sailing sometimes, but those pilgrims to our country back in 1690, were setting out not just for themselves, but for a much bigger picture: for the forging of a new way for generations to come. So are we. God is all about shining a light for us to land on safe shores.

How did they get encouraged to endure, and how do we? Worship, and thanksgiving. Thanking God is always powerful, and positive and trusting. I thank Him for being my Ship, my navigation system, my lighthouse, my destination and my Captain and Anchor! It doesn’t get better than that!