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Vermont tourists are waning now, cool weather is blowing in, and I am contemplating the gentler side of fall. God’s palette has changed and the hues He is using are refined and delicate.

Look at the sun-dappled spaces beneath the shedding trees, where the last leaves drift down on you. Notice the early morning fog rolling on the mountains like down blankets. See the bare tree branches scratching the bright bare skies and go out to witness the golden delight of the rich harvest moon.

The bright leaves are gone in the wind and the hands of children, but the last leaves laying softly on the ground are golden and freckled and drawn like silken surprises in their burgundy and wheat hues. Gathered and dried, they have the Artists touch like no others.

As the cool winds ruffle your hair and the dry leaves rustle beneath your feet, you tuck your hands into your pockets and gaze in fascination at the huge companies of geese, socializing on their way to another land. They are calling farewell to the last memories of summer, farewell to sweet October glory. Watch closely to see how God, the amazing Artist of the universe, will paint our gentle November.

Autumn Leaves