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Sometimes when things around you are spinning, or escalating, or, at the very least, really off normal, it is refreshing to have a little comic relief show up. Such was the case in the preschool classroom I worked today. So many kids having a hard time adjusting to sharing, so much running and jumping, and tears and even frustration. With the regular teacher gone until almost lunch, kids were reacting to substitutes and things being different.

Quite by accident, I found a funny moment, and the adults in the room enjoyed a good chuckle moment, that was much needed! First, in came the morning substitute teacher, whose name was Sue. Then, the regular aid in the class called me “Sue”, by accident. When she caught her mistake, I laughed and said, “Well, you are partly right. My middle name is Sue.”

“Well,” said the teacher who had made the mistake, “My middle name is Sue, too.”
It got funnier. In came the other class helper, who is the real “Miss Sue”! We suddenly had a room full of “Sue”. It made for a fun chuckle. The day was still hard, but if anyone asked for “Sue” to help them, you sure got attention fast!