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What an assertion! God likes to blog? I actually found this to be a fact, new to me, when He recommended, then nudged, then persuaded me to write a blog, on a regular basis, to stretch my writing styles, and to engage with a public I did not know. I entered this new adventure about a year ago, 85 blogs ago to be precise, agreeing to do this assignment only if God would help me come up with ideas, partnering with the Creator of the Universe.

I needed a lot of nudges and support to step out on this public tightrope, but my ever helpful husband, the techie, agreed to send them forth, and so I began. It is important for a writer with books in her heart, and a release on the horizon, to have a public and to try stretch oneself. Blog after blog, two a week, ideas came to life on paper, then type. It became great fun to see how ideas would come, and to see what a blog from me would look like.

My Father God never has let me down. But He certainly has tested my hearing, my patience levels and my trust many times. “I need a blog, God” became a plaintiff cry often enough as a deadline approached. How did the ideas come? Differently each time. A phrase from someone, a child dancing in the snow, a piece by piece, line by line leading, a suddenly. All good. Phew. Good even if it was last minute. God is always faithful. Even this blog was His idea.

The Author and finisher of everything, including my faith, is so creative. And I grow each time I post a blog we worked on together.