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The original idea of making this an 81st blog mini celebration, was erased at recess that afternoon. There were preschoolers everywhere in the sun, and it was my job to join with several other educators in watching and playing with them. Who would not want to be outside on that sparkling and bright, pre-fall crisp day!

One very small boy, about three years old, sat patiently on a swing, still and hopeful, while three other kids propelled themselves about on the other swings in his vicinity. I noted him, and felt drawn to go and give him a starter push or two…maybe more, since his little feet were nowhere near the ground.

“Hi,” I said cordially to him, asking his name. This was the beginning of the year and there were a number of children I had not met, from other classes. “Would you like me to push your swing?”

He looked up at me, head tilted back so he could see me from beneath his baseball cap, and grinned. Holding on very tightly, he let me get him halfway high, serenely enjoying the motion. Every time I looked at him and spoke to him, he answered with amazing verbal skills for so small a tot. Finally he spoke a bit louder and said to me, with a face radiating joy, “I am my Daddy’s child.”

It stopped me. Had I heard that right? I asked him what he said…

“I am my Daddy’s child!” He exclaimed with both confidence and joy.

That was rare enough in the community this school was located in, the idea of even knowing their fathers. This statement, however, was intended to reach me, from my own Heavenly Father, and I knew it. As a Christian, I know through Jesus that I belong to God. But like most people, I struggle at times believing God would love me like His child, especially on my more vulnerable days.

This little boy changed something in me with his simple words. He knew he was totally loved by his earthly dad. And his words to me, direct from God, as an example, reminded me that I am my Father’s child!

“And we know and believe the love God cherishes for us.” (I John 4:16)

Oh, it still is my 81st blog!