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It is officially Fall now!
At least, according to me.
You see, I now have my
first pumpkin!
That clinches it.
Mind you, this pumpkin, that actually found me,
is no ordinary, garden variety, orange one.
No, Indeed!
Variety comes to Vermont…in apples and in pumpkins.

Now is the beginning of apple festivals and fall leaf
peepers, cool mornings, and
funky, knobby, rough, squatty, designer pumpkins
My neck cranes to see what local stands sell,
like blue smooth ones, or those favorite bumpy orange and blue ones
that look like they have warts. Marina di Chioggia, a lovely and romantic name.
Or the Long Island Cheesecake ones, or Moonshines, and so on.

My pumpkin took me by surprise.
It stood shining from its spot on a farmers vegetable cart. So early
in September and yet, it stood there, small, smooth, white with a pale blue tint.
Mine. It sits on my living room table.
Happy Autumn.

Stay tuned for more!