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For two and a half glorious months I have had a rare treat – a summer off.

Since I have worked as a paraeducator in school systems for about 20 years, I know we have top look for a job in the summer, or have no paycheck until school begins again in the fall. Last summer I prayed that God would provide a place to work, since the city summer program had filled it’s available spots for summer employees. Suddenly, I got a call from the program director offering me a full summer job there, as they had a huge influx of children coming. That was a wonderfully fast answer from the Lord!

This summer –that did not happen. So I prayed that I could complete several writing projects and that God would bring in the money another way. He certainly did! I wrote a lot and am going to be ready to release a couple of manuscripts soon. Fun. The summer did seem short, though, and – that time has come, school begins on Monday. Three more days of vacation, and then back to school…to the primary school first, and then to the Headstart program shortly thereafter.

It is right. It is good. A fine job with good benefits. But it is a fresh, new challenge I am facing – going back to the old routines and methods. I had a long talk with myself today, and I decided that I am different after this nice summer break, and that the “me” that goes back will be there in a somehow different way, with new insights to contribute.

I am not really just going back, I am going forward in faith and hope, expecting new things. I have great expectations! If you are returning to the familiar after a summer vacation…God bless you in new levels and with new ideas.