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Perhaps I should call this lawn sale family history…Anyway, My husband and I went to a local town on Saturday, to peruse their town-wide yard sales. The town was famous for their good sales on this day and is a lovely place to walk around anyway. With perfect, fluffy white clouds drifting in a crisp summer sky and just the right temps, we had a good time outside.

Toys, and antiques, lots of upscale items, furniture, clothing, jewelry, books and tons of ‘etceteras”, and even treasures at treasure prices, we ambled about and picked up a few small things, then, at one house, a lovely, old, silverplated soup ladle caught my eye. In Vermont soup can be your winter menu’s middle name, and I sure needed a good ladle. Picking it up, I noticed how weighty it felt and substantial. And attractive. Could be expensive, too. So I took the chance and carried it to a smiling woman of about 65 or so and asked about it. “It was my grandmother’s,” she shared.

“Are you sure you want to sell it?” I asked, a bit surprised. Her grandmother had passed it on to her Mother and then her, and it had family history.

“Oh, I am ready to sell it,” she explained, and I paid the $4 she asked and imagined tureens of wonderful soup next season.

It surely must have been family heritage sale or something, that day, because shortly after I secured a several generation silver soup ladle, I ran into a smiling grandmother who had an adorable and specially handmade little wooden dollhouse, with all the walls of the little rooms covered in Victorian style embroidered details. It came with a bag of hand painted little wooden people. We chatted about it. Why, her great grandmother had made it for her, then her children, and now she was selling it. It was only $3, and I took it willingly and with great privilege. Then I asked her to write on the wooden back the details of her grandmother, and when she had made it. Since her grandmother was 93, it was almost an antique. Amazing. I hugged her, took that family heirloom with me, with the history on the back, and decided I was adopting a piece of heritage to share with my own seven granddaughters. I would pass it on someday. Very special indeed. It was not just a toy found at a lawn sale, but a sweet snapshot of another family of longer ago.