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I am a time-conscious person. Raised that way, actually. When I am headed somewhere, I always find out, and consider, how long it will take to reach that destination, and be on time. Or, better yet, early! “Early birds”, get the good seats and parking places, etc. It is like a reward for being diligent, and you don’t keep people waiting, if your appointment is with someone.

Frustration came this week, however, when my early morning plans got delayed by outside forces. I was waiting for an important call from a person who was going to contact me at 9am. I had wanted to be out walking on errands at 8:30, but it was good to wait. It wouldn’t be long. So I thought, as I awaited the call. I knew that delays happen, and I busied myself about the room at time ticked by. I didn’t have a schedule to go by, so I wasn’t missing anything, really, but I had to fight irritation as the delay grew into an hour. It was getting warm outside and I had REALLY wanted to get going before it got hot. I talked to God about the whole thing, because I wanted to think kind thoughts and learn patience here.

Finally, the call came through, and I took off on my errands. Even though it was quite warm, I still opted to walk. On the way back home, missions accomplished, I was going past our large public library, near the metered street parking, when something caught my eye on the grassy curb by an empty parking space. Ohhhh. I leaned closer and picked up a neat wad of money. Peeling it open, I found it was two 20 dollar bills. Right there on the grass. Searching around me, I didn’t see any one walking around, looking for anything, or much of anything. I reported it to the librarians, gave them my number, and went home.

Later on in the day, a huge, cool thought captured me. If I had not been delayed, I would not have been walking and found the money. The frustrating delay had postured my steps for a blessing. Hmmm. Not all delays are bad. There might be a good reason for them. Clearly, “God busies Himself with our every step.”(Psalm 37:23, Amplified)