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IMG_5856It has come. That Time has arrived! Late summer means blueberry picking. Real picking with real pickins. Namely, a large blueberry farm on a hill in Vermont (where we live), covered with elegant rows of tall bushes, acres of them, all stuffed with fat, ripe berries!

There is a yum in the air, as we get closer. Our summer tradition of delightful picking is here. So, how does one go about this process? Just park the car, and go to the cute blueberry office, all quaint and generational, and get a blue bucket strapped on your neck, so you can begin. This is way more fun and natural than buying the berry cousins in those little cardboard boxes in the markets. When you have done the real thing, it gets into your heart.

Okay, so you have your handy bucket, put on the sun glasses, your hat and your adventure mind, and find a row. A lot of other families and folks are picking here and there, and you can hear their conversations drifting here and there around you. The loudest sound is the sound of chomping and tasting and yums. You join that symphony with no effort, eager to find your first berry to sample. Oops – it is next to a batch of others, so you get them all.

The game you are hunting is so easy that you can’t seem to stop. You fill up that bucket a lot faster than you thought you would, but you also fill up your taster, too. Each one tastes better than the last. Oh, wait, maybe that one is the best.

Weaving about among the bushes, you keep discovering yet another better and fuller bush. Children giggle nearby, and you hear their blueberry filled moms laughing and talking. All people become children when they are on a blueberry farm. Since we are all sampling so many, perhaps we should be weighed before and after. When you finally feel that you are brimming over in your bucket, and are ready to go, you cannot resist eating berries from several of the trees on the trail back to the hut. Trust me, you still are not full yet. You pay happily, you pack up your soft blue treasure bag in the car, and drive home, with fruit in your possession and summer joy in your hearts.