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Hard. Cutting back on stuff time. A real suddenly with no income on the horizon. A tighten the old belt time. Don’t go far in the car because you have half a tank of gas. Period. What could we do without? Most stuff. There was just enough left in the account to hold it open. No extra. Lean was really lean, now.

No matter how we looked at it, we had not caused this lean season. It just was a time that money due was delayed, and I had no summer job to contribute from. This tight time had others before it along our way, but this time, we let go of fear about it. (Mostly, that is). We set ourselves to remember the marvelous ways that God had come to our rescue those other times, and to pray. And to wait expectantly.

Now, on my part, I did look wistfully at the fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market, and long for the cash to get some kale, or those fat tomatoes…No garage sales for sure. It is funny how when it gets really down to a few dollars, you get very good at knowing what you really need. No extras. I hung on, and got creative with leftovers, and knew Father God was going to step in.

Then, one afternoon, a friend who did not know the leanness of our cupboards, was going to the grocery store, and invited me along. I kind of thought about it and said I did not have the funds to get much, but I would go along for the fun of being with her. When we got to the store, she told me to get a cart and get what we needed. I seemed hesitant, (I needed so much I had to define that). She told me to fill the cart and not to worry about it. I did, still conservative, but I got a lot of yummy things we needed. Oh her tab, she said. Gratitude does not describe the magnitude of the feeling I had for her, and for my providing God. Then the very next morning, the payment we were to get came in to the account and we felt so profoundly surprised and thankful.

I need to tell of what God did, and I want to and I have to … I feel like a flock of birds are singing in my branches … Bless the Lord. He is always faithful.