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Ever been in a room, or a place where you can feel the tension; where you can almost cut the atmosphere with a knife? You scan the room and opt to be somewhere else? Like storm clouds gathering when you wanted a forecast of sun?

So what got me going on this theme? Well, for the past two weeks I have checked the weekly weather icons on the computer…you know, weather for the week, and all that has come up has been little windows with dark thunderous clouds and the forecast of storms and rain. I missed the little sun pictures. Not a complaint, by any means, but it just got me thinking about atmospheres, and how they affect people’s moods, plans, gardens, and conversations.

I thought about how we are affected by the moods of the people in the places we go. Recently, I was in a place where normally the “atmosphere” was friendly and relaxed, but was, on that day, strange. Like people had been talking really negatively and angrily about something I was not a part of. Oooh…I could feel the charge, and I did not like it. But it was the staffroom where I was to take my break, and I decided that I would not catch the cloud and stick my head into it, so to speak. I had come in with a feeling of happiness and relaxation. I decided that my atmosphere could dispel theirs if I stayed happy and oblivious to the negativity there. Ha. I would be my own weather. Like sunny, with calm breezes. Or blue skies with a chance of fluffy white clouds.

We all can carry our good “weather” by seeing life with a good and thankful view, letting offenses slide by with no settling effect, and smiling with gentle kindness in atmosphere where genuine pain is. Sometimes you can’t change the feeling in a place but you can decide to stay under your own umbrella of peace.

Pleasant weather forecast to you.