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They greeted me this morning on my kitchen table as I sat down with my coffee and my Bible. Smack. Smack. I got two of them and did not think much more about ants until another representative of the ant kingdom zooped across my path – a little too close. The pesky little interrupter!

I put the coffee down and investigated closer. It is summer now and ants do customarily appear about this time. I smacked a few more and searched for a source. They really seemed to appear suddenly from nowhere. Hmmmm, had I spilled a sticky thing on the table to attract them? A couple more interlopers, a couple resounding smacks, and I noticed that they were not in any formation, like a line, but they were a bit random, as they scavenged about.

As I watched, and annihilated them I remembered a proverb, or two from the Bible, penned by the wise King Solomon.
“Go to the ant…consider her ways and be wise.” Prov. 6:16, and then “The ants…not a strong people yet they lay up their food in the summer.” Proverbs 30:25.

Well, these ants were certainly laying up something from my house this summer. I observed them and considered them just like the Bible said and I admit to being very impressed the way these tiny little sugar ants could be so fantastically fast, and could detect the movement of my smiting hand over them. I could see that I would need to be fast and clever to outwit them. To eliminate them. How could those itsy bitsy brains function so well, like troops sent out to take spoil from my kitchen? God did draw me to stand in brief awe at the cleverness of this creation of His. I, the human warrior, needed to get to the bottom of this invasion.

Last night I had made delicious and fresh cinnamon rolls to take to our home church meeting, and all two dozen or so of them were safely lined in a glass dish, with a snap on cover, ready on my table to take. I lifted that glass carrier and noticed a few live enemies beneath the thing. Then – OH NO- A huge, not good possibility dawned upon me! With trepidation I opened the snap lid that safely covered my yummy, mouth-watering, homemade cinnamon delicacies, and discovered how wise the little black foe was indeed.
They were all over my rolls – people yummies = ant yummies!

Now, I like animals and wildlife, and am good to them, but I dumped all the rolls and the sugar engorged little thieves right down the garbage disposal. Shudder, shudder. Gross. I am getting ant traps. This is war!