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My inner bell rang first…school is out for the summer!!! Memories of the last day, from my childhood, flooded into my thoughts … you know, the desk being emptied, hugging teachers goodbye, and then finally the school dismissal bell rang and you flooded over the threshold into summer!

I work as a paraeducator in the primary school and I could see that freedom coming in billboard sized letters as I left with my arms full, and was done for the school year. Wow. It had been a rigorous year, and I had greatly anticipated this moment. I had outlined on paper what I needed and wanted to accomplish during this 8 weeks of break. Oh, the books to finish, the drawings to begin, the places to organize, the walks to take.

Then I got home, sighed happily, unloaded my stuff on the sofa, and sat down. I was so free, but I really was not sure what project to begin first. Oh well. Tomorrow I would officially begin. Then tomorrow brought lots of things I had not listed, and the next day a friend was taking her elderly mom to the hospital for a procedure, and it seemed right to go with her to keep her company. Then another friend invited me to her house for an evening Bible study, and I thought about my freedom list. Days were scooting past, quickly, filled with worthy things. But not the worthy things I had listed, yet.

And I reevaluated what I had done. I had made a list to fill up my days off with my plans, and when you have told the Lord that He is the author of all your days, He does remember that, and He does remind you gently that He has ideas and plans for those days, too. With a bit of thought, and understanding, I realized an important thing for me: freedom was not what I was after, but rather a rest from my usual schedule. Refreshing comes from the Presence of the Lord, and satisfaction comes from being led to meet the needs of others. I am always free. Making lists was not free, just setting myself up for another kind of pressure to fulfill. The Lord of my days is giving me good plans. I am learning to find joy in those as they come. Each plan has been an adventure.

Happy Summer adventures to you, too!