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Come, walk through the local outdoor Farmer’s Market with me, here in Vermont. Very quaint and local, and entertaining. Lots of people in this city park setting, but when we find parking, we’ll get our cloth bags out and peruse. Ohh, how colorful the awnings are over the booths, and the bright tablecloths add to the cheer. Right away you feel energized to explore. It is a bright and breezy June Saturday morning, and a lot of families are in the many aisles … some already have pastries and coffees. Right from the start, your senses are awakened.

Wow, where to start? How about the bread samples from a family owned bakery. We can’t resist a bite of stone oven baked oat bread with a thick crust. Tables of flowers up ahead, with hanging baskets, and fresh herb tables. I myself have to buy a cute starter plant of Lemon balm for future tea. And the music, just the right bounce needed for a fair like atmosphere….a folk singer with his guitar and a wide smile. Three cute kids watching him in rapt attention. Sweet.

Now we both are into it, and tables of impossible fat tomatoes and batches of kale rise before us, and a big golden doodle dog sniffs her masters hand nearby, and a neighbor with her two kids stop to chat with a craft booth owner. I know them all ! Up the fresh egg aisle to get some from the delightful farmer, who lovingly calls his chickens “his girls.” Oh, look! Baskets of apples and fresh cider samples … Nothing nicer than Vermont apples. Take a moment to comment happily on the delicious cider with friendly strangers. Everyone seems to be a neighbor here. Yes, the air is full of promise.

Promise? Yes, of new beginnings. This market was hit very hard two years ago by Hurricane Irene. So many small, local farmers were devastated, or even washed away. I remember coming to the market after all that happened, and hugging two young farmers who had lost it all, and were just standing at their empty booth. They were determined to start again, with the help of neighbors. So this day, this lovely, almost summer day full of prospering farm stands are a testimony to hard work and bright restoration.

Thank you for coming along.

Fresh food
Fresh smiles
Fresh tomorrows

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,
Summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22