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I have bought the cards and sent a couple already…said yes to two celebrations ahead, and now I am about to be ‘embroiled” in the excitement of yet another graduation…the big one where I work – from second grade over to the big intermediate school.

The “big one”? Come on, you say. Maybe college, or high school graduation, that is big, but second grade? Indeed. Much ado over here. With memory journals, class autograph time, class breakfasts, and picnics, and graduation caps and invites to the ceremony for parents. A large recognition. Why? Because these little 7 year olds are leaving the warm hugs of a very nurturing and familiar suburb school, and getting sent forward to the much wider halls of a much bigger school. Full of bigger kids, bigger ideas and bigger pressures.

Don’t we all have to do that? Certainly. Over and over again. The older we get, the bigger the exchanges are….from one skill to another, one job to another, to marriage sometimes, and children of our own, and promotions, and deadlines….And that is only one side of the change scale. As a Christian, I go from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory. All graduations, all moving forward, gaining, reaching, trying, pressing in, sometimes with notable victory, sometimes with stalling a bit until I am willing to try that test again. Indeed. No cap and gown or party with most of my graduations, but like the kids in my school are told to do for a step forward….”give yourself a pat on the back.”

This summer, as I personally work hard to get two books done for publishing, I am, on a different level, being challenged by a discovery in second grade this week, to learn something that they knew better than me….the geography of my own state. Pretty sad when 7 year old students know more about Vermont than a person who has lived in the state for 3 decades. This too I will graduate in. Hey, this is the season. Go for it.

Happy graduations!