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It was a good day, and funny things happened here and there, and I noticed those human moments times. Actually, I decided that they might make a great blog, in accumulated form. The day seemed to be writing it for me. Every once in a while I thought it might be a good idea to jot the happenings down, but it was a disconnected day and I was not near paper. Oh well, I knew I would remember them.

Then, at home, the washing machine broke, and I had to pull out the cold wet laundry and empty out the water from a half-full machine, slimy with soap, make dinner and clean up the mess.

Time to write this blog, and I was ready …but I was blank. I squenched my eyes to envision the day, sat real still, waited, reran through the day, tried not to try to remember. Then tried. To no avail. A whole day of fun bloggish pieces gone …Zip.

So, this is a kind of Aesop’s Fable: The moral of the story for writers out there – write it down. Even if you think you will remember. You might not. It feels like losing something sweet.