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Rain, rain, a whole week of dark skies and even more rain on Saturday – yard sale day. So I came to grips with that fact on this Memorial Day weekend. Then my wonderful friend and neighbor downstairs saw me, and gave me a bright invitation: to go to an estate sale that she had been to very early in the morning. Wow. Yes, indeed. I eagerly accepted, grabbed a cloth bag to out acquisitions in, and we dashed from the porch into her car in the damp and raw drizzle. I was cold and wet on the outside, but sunny on the inside.

Through the small city, out into the outlying Vermont countryside (just a few miles away), the rain began in earnest, and rivulets of water streamed down the hilly streets up to the estate. Upon arrival, there were a lot of cars, but the soaking wet parking attendant totally advised us to park on the paved road and walk up, even though the dirt roads from that point were like mud-sickles. He had authority – after all, water was dripping off his rain slicker and hat brim.

Parked, with no rain gear, no umbrellas, no hats, no coats – and a long uphill trail of slippery thick grass, a deep muddy road – we considered for a moment, then nodded, plunged out of the car and attempted to dash up the slidy hill to the site. I put my cloth bag on my wet head, then I looked down and noticed my new, new summer, very good shoes on my feet – now slurping in oozy mud ruts … YUCK in capital letters! Oh well, we were on an adventure and it was silly and bad weather, but it was still an adventure, for wet or wetter.

Now, the treasures from the hunt were few, and we emerged under the dripping doorway, ready to leave, in much more earnest rain by then, and a mucky run to the car. Shivering on the outside again, we were radiating warm friendship from the quest. It was worth it. You should have been there!