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Ok – I was up really early, coffee in hand, to spend the first part of the morning with God. It is my favorite time of day, and you get to hear the dawn birds talking. We had had a great weekend, my hubby and I, and it was approaching work time again. I was actually anticipating the hard part of working in my preschool job, when I heard a soft and clear thought in my spirit,” There are always green pastures.”

A seemingly total non sequitur. I am now a Vermont girl, but a city life edition, and I was stopped by surprise for a moment. Green Pastures? Then I was surrounded in thought by the familiar words from Psalm 23…”He makes me lie down in green pastures.” Then I remembered, “He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul.” I knew what God meant, suddenly, at least in a small part; that I had green places of refreshing and peace inside of me, ‘green pastures’, if I chose to be still there in my imagination.

I dashed through the rest of my breakfast, the prep for getting to work, and I smiled at the lovely picture of laying down on a green lush meadow in peace. No clue why I needed to hear that reference to Psalm 23 at that moment, however. Until I got the game plan change at school, until I got placed in the whirlwind events of my reassignment, and then I found a breathless moment to duck into an empty bathroom stall and look to heaven with a huge question mark on my brain. “God, where are those green pastures that I could use right now?”

I knew. Inside of me. In my heart. I had to follow my Shepherd Jesus there in this fast-paced time, and lay down in my heart and mind before Him in His sweet peace. I only had a moment or two … but it fed me. Inner green pastures of Peace from God. Mine for the taking. Whenever I needed. Look for yours.