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IMG_6440[1]Wow- Friday was a long day- an unsettled day of twists and turns, of the unexpected and the need respond quick at the preschool where I work. Envision kid meltdowns, toy battles, the city turning the water off in our building for street work (with no warning), not enough staff, more kids than a usual Friday – playground boo boos, stairs to climb too often, and meetings. To balance the picture there were cute toddlers to hug, and enough playdough to go around, and silly songs to dance to, and I found a complete buffalo animal cracker in the broken pieces. (I did not know that they made buffalo shaped animal crackers).

When, finally, I could leave the building, and go home, I knew I needed something quickly to relax, I dumped my school stuff in my house, then took a walk in the mid-afternoon sun. Ah, to breathe in the fresh and untumbled atmosphere, to feel the fresh new spring sunshine on my skin, and to get quiet inside, was my aim.

I wanted to “know” God was there, and to acknowledge how He got me through the tangled maze of the day with some success. Upright. I felt I was aiming my tired body up the street, until I came up to a riotously blooming bright crab-apple tree. Pink as Heaven, it stood right off the sidewalk, loaded so fully with fat blossoms it was dripping the extras on the sidewalk below like a bridal carpet. It stopped me for a moment. Amazing beauty was just in front of me. The generous branches of the tree curved over the sidewalk just before me like a canopy. That was the word that came clearly to my surprised spirit. Canopy.

Yes, a canopy of God’s beauty, love, creativity, spread thickly above me to walk beneath. A pink invitation. A present of creation loveliness that reminded me of His wings spread over me and His everlasting arms beneath me. A tree, just for the glory of it. And I walked underneath it and gazed up and forgot the stuff of the day being hard. Beauty just when I needed it.

The very sky above us is like a canopy of wonders, and the Love of God Himself is too. Stand beneath it, especially in the hard stuff. Problems are momentary, but His love is forever.

“…over all the glory shall be a canopy (a defense of divine love and protection).” Isaiah 4:5 the end

“It is God Who sits above the circle of the earth…it is He who stretches out the heavens like (gauze) curtains and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.” Isaiah 40:22