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I am full of images for God, from the Bible, actually. Rock of Ages, Strong Tower, place of refuge, Cloud of Glory – just to name a few. But lately I have been envisioning Him in away that I used to see Him when I was younger – In a big sprawling, yellow clapboard house, with three stories and a rock wall at the edge of the little dirt road. Such a classic house on a slight knoll, with deep, lush new grass, and trees in the back yard, not far from a stream to sits beside. Inside this house, this home is a fireplace, big windows looking out on the rolling countryside, and an inviting kitchen to sit in and have a meal with Him.

It gets better. Up the curving staircase are two more floors to explore, safely. Best of all, I think, is the wrap-around front porch, with the columns, the view of the mountains and the two wooden rocking chairs. Those chairs and that porch are like the waiting and welcoming arms of my Father God. I can come up to the porch, sit right down on a rocker, and talk to God whenever I want. I know that we are assured that we can approach the Throne of Grace whenever we need to … but lately, I feel able to approach my Heavenly Father, because of Jesus being my Savior, as if it was a lovely and happy porch out in the country.

True, when I feel like I am in danger, or afraid, I see My Defender in a big fortress, and when I am praying and worshiping, I often feel like He is right in a cloud near me, but that house with that wrap-around porch is my inner place to come to God’s side, to tell Him I blew it, that I need answers for a problem, that I just want that reassuring hug. If you have become part of the forever family of God, by accepting His Son Jesus as your way to Him, the door to His loving presence is always open. He will always be waiting on the porch for you to come and talk and be loved. You can even have lemonade.