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After yet another time of dashing into a few stores on errands, and coming out with packages, only to discover I couldn’t find my car…I realized this was getting really old.

It may seem silly to not remember where you parked your car, but it is closer to embarrassment, when you have to wander up and down several rows of cars, in the gathering dusk, trying not to look like you can’t find your car.

Ideas to help me change: Get a beeper to click. (probably not), paint my ordinary red little Prism lime green, (not), or learn to pay attention to where I land. Like checking out the store I am in front of, and scope out any landmarks in the parking lots to remember.

In other words- PARK the car. No more land and run. It took a while to get the new pattern. A few times I still had to search, but it got into me and I can now report that almost always, I remember where I put my vehicle. I feel confident in this achievement, and when friends or husband can’t locate their keys, or glasses, etc. I tell them to park their things when they put them down.

Um, by the way – has anyone seen my cell phone?