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Five days of visiting my daughters and grandchildren, of basking in Virginia’s spring weather, of mourning the national tragedies of last week, and I was set to go home to Vermont in one more day.

One last day to feel the fullness of April, to see it and walk in it, smell it in the air and feel it softly on my face- to capture its warmth and fragrance in my memory “bones” … just in case spring was not in Vermont yet.

Spring, Spring, makes you glow and sing, puts a bounce in your step and pollen on your car, and draws out hidden neighbors with their dogs and children, to the parks. Blossoms, tulips, no coats, bright skies with bright, white snow less clouds above. Can I store it up inside of me? Keep it in the pocket of my heart?

Leaving time came inevitable, and my commuter plane prepared to land in the airport about 90 minutes from home. I kept searching out the tiny plane window for signs of elusive Spring – peeking through small cloud portholes at bare trees, with an occasional snatch of greenish land. Not yet, not yet, my mind cautioned against disappointment.
All good things have small beginnings – a hope awakening.

As the plane touches ground, I know that it truly will be Springtime at home soon. I hold the bright blossoms and soft breezes of it in my heart. Not just the hope of a new season, but the hope of a better year for mending and growth for my staggering country.

Keep the spring of hope in the pocket of your heart dear America.
God bless America
God bless her people
Let bright sun rays shine
Let soft blossoms blow
Let it be fully green in all our hearts.