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As it was my school system’s “spring break”, I left on a small commuter plane, a day after rain and sleet – and lifted off into the clouds to Dulles Airport, in D.C. – then a van drive to the home of my second daughter in nearby Fairfax, Virginia.

Goodbye to sleet and low temperatures, to colorless trees, and patches of leftover snow in yards, and to mud, mud, mud!

Awakened at the early AM and I remembered I was in Virginia. Sunshine pulling at my curtains, drawing patterns on the floor – a whole different season here. The cherry blossom season, with trees blooming on my daughter’s street, and lawns that need mowing soon, and flowers in their gardens. Riotously happy birds flying from tree to tree….ahhhh.

When my grandkids were napping, I took the first unplanned afternoon, and went for a sun soaking walk. There was a store for a errand at the end of the walk, and I hurried to get my purchase so I could be outside again, that sunny Monday afternoon.

In the middle of the store the text came from my husband in Vermont; Someone had set off bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, and there was much injury, trauma, and even some had died. It just happened a few minutes before. Another confirming text came from my daughter.

I was at a standstill. Stunned and not a shopper anymore, I left. Oblivious to the outdoor spring radiance, I slowly walked back to my daughter’s house, trying to figure out what to pray. “Find the other bombs, if there are any, help the people, help the authorities, find the killer…I felt like I was trying to shoot at an enemy with all my arrows at once.

Then suddenly, on the path, very clearly and strongly amid the jumble of my emotions, came a voice on my inside “LIGHT OVERCOMES DARKNESS”.

I was so surprised I stood completely still. Pondered it – a solid truth that cleared the confusion in my heart. I knew it was a total truth in the Bible. Jesus is The Light. “and the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it.” (John 1:5a)

Light is truth, it uncovers, reveals, informs, heals, encourages…”God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.” (I John 1:5). I knew it was what to pray, then.

I needed that power verse to pray again when two days later, I heard about the Texas plant that blew up – It felt like I was hugging my country, and her precious people and sending a prayer that is a promise; God is Light, He heals, cares, wins and loves.