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Surprises come as, well as a surprise!

I wanted you to celebrate with me โ€“ the amazing totally surprise me off my feet fact that my most recent entry, called Shish Kebob, was my 50th blog. My husband informed me of that milestone when he put it on the internet for me.

What? How could I have written 50?

There had been no goal on my part other than keep on blogging, submitting, writing.
Yet here I am, the girl who balked at starting this, who told God if He wanted me to write blogs, then He would need to inspire every one…at the 50 mark.

Somehow, now, knowing that I have done this many, I know I can continue, as God certainly is not going to fun out of ideas.

Thank you all, as readers, for following me, encouraging me, reading my entries, and being here to celebrate my 50th!

Actually, you are reading my 51st. So I guess I am on my way to 100! Yay!