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It was the end of a long day of taking care of preschool children where I work. No outdoor play due to too cold temps, we had a dozen little ones buzzing, zipping bouncing and needing – and finally it was snack time. Ahhh, all hungry ones seated at the low tables, quieter.

“Shish-kee-bob!” burst forth a five year old with gusto, pleased with her effect.

All eyes turned to her grinning face
“Shish-kee-bob!” she squealed out a bit more emphatically. “Oh, I love that word.”

Having won the air waves, the precocious one used that mighty work several times with drawn out emphasis. We teachers tried to let it go by.

Finally, “What is Shish Kabob?” I asked her.
Shrugs and a new volley of kebobbing.

“How about sarsaparilla?” I gave her.

She brightened. “Ohhh, I like that one too.”

Her pleased grin at engaging someone in the funny word game enticed me to enjoy it too.
“I have just the word for you…Sassafras.”

It was a game now. She likes words, and so do I, so we sent funny words about some more. It was actually fun and it livened up things for her. And me.

Next day, a fun fellow teacher and I just enjoyed a whole day of randomly popping out whatever funny word came to mind…between each other. It was pure childlike fun.

Ottaquechee – hoopla – snickerdoodles – Schenectady – it kept going.

We lightened up…. Succatash!