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It is a rock, of sorts…an immovable rock that has been around a very long time – eons.
No earthquake has broken it
No disaster has had any effect on it.
It is stronger than Plymouth Rock
More vast and enduring than Gibraltar
A rock that became my most important foundation
Proven to hold me up in the many storms of my life
What a rock! What a shelter to hide in. It has a cleft in it for me. Cleft means Pierced.
Many years ago I chose this rock to hide in and cling to for now and into eternity and beyond.

Rock of Ages Cleft for Me…..”blessed be my Rock, and exalted be God, the Rock of my salvation.” 11 Samuel 22:47

In a tomb, my “Rock” was deposited……believed to be gone and finished. Dead. But a stone that was in front of that tomb was rolled away and the Rock was alive…eternal and strong – my tender, eternal, unshakable, magnificent Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God and the Rock of my life forever.

My Rock, Jesus, told His people that those who belong to Him would be rocks, too –“lively stones, built up as a spiritual house,” 1 Peter 2:5 And He is the Cornerstone.

So I am a lively stone, being built together with others who trust Jesus, into an amazing eternal life… Saved by the Rock. There is plenty of room for more stones…