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My refrigerator is covered with important stuff. It functions like part secretary, family gallery and reminder, with magnet graffiti of sorts.

Hard to envision? You probably have a nice, smooth stainless steel edition, with nary an object clinging to it, but I grew up with a fridge plastered with important memorabilia. I could always rush to put my newest art expression on it somewhere, and the photo Christmas cards were displayed in rows on the side; you know – cousins and more cousins and old family friends with clusters of smiley kids all dressed up in finery. I loved with set of multicolored alphabet magnets to maneuver all over the surface. Maybe that is why I am a great speller?

My fridge is a foundation of kitchen life I can refer to. Come, take a closer look. Little sticky notes hold phone numbers and email addresses that I really do intend to add to my computer, or phone, and a teachers schedule for holidays and stuff, and a big metallic clip holding a lot more papers than it really should, but I need them, and there are at least three adorable crayon creations by little grandkids, with their names scrawled on them, to admire. Awwwww. And recent photos of the newest two grand children, and a first day of preschool one of an older child. A lot of important things are magnetized to that appliance.

You can probably learn a lot of cool things about a person’s life by studying their refrigerator décor…you will notice that people and their facts and accomplishments are important to me. I decided to write about my fridge because I suddenly remembered a story someone told me long about how God, if He had a fridge, or piano, would have our pictures on them because we are family and He always keeps us before Him. I do not know about His Fridge…but I do know that He knows the details about my life, like the number of hairs on my head, and my every thought before I think it…so I like the mental picture of Him seeing me in a family way like that.

“How precious and weighty are Your thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them!” (Psalm 139: 17)