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Or lack thereof, that reminded me of a great piece of advice from a kind and strong teacher.

Toilet paper? Well, what this friend was teaching us, as he taught youth, was to develop and continue in a lifestyle of excellence. “Always leave a place where you visit better, in some way, than when you arrived.” He told us to look around and see what we could give, improve, adjust or change. You know, make up the bed you slept in and leave a thank you note behind. Thank people at the service desk where you get help, for their service. Put your grocery cart back in the cart stall, and grab a wayward one and stick that one back, too.

And of course, the example I remember the strongest – when you see that the toilet paper in the bathroom you are in is running out, think of the next “customer” and be sure to get some more. Even if it means you have to go to the counter at the rest stop and tell them .

That stuff all seems so small, but it is the heart of excellence that shines even in little things, and it carries to other things, especially when you get into the habit. Yes, I really did not want to have to go hunt up a roll of paper to put into the staff bathrooms….but I sure would have been glad if someone had done that small gesture for me.