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I remembered my friend, “the brownie lady” while I was happily mixing up a batch of really fudgy brownies. Their destination was my job the next morning, because I felt all of us there needed a “chocolate boost” to get us in the mood for a better day. Besides, I like surprises, and love to lick the bowl.

So, while I was humming and mixing I contemplated this wonderful elderly friend who had moved to North Carolina. Living alone, most of her grown kids far away, and without a car, this dear lady wanted to make a difference in her little town. Carolyn, this friend, had a limited income, but she found that if she made a few batches of fresh brownies and packed them up, she could walk around to the shops and businesses around her and bless them with a free gift of appreciation. Libraries and banks and small shops and the police station, all began to look forward to visits from Carolyn, with the happy smile and the cheery blessings she gave them.

The brownies and ingredients cost a bit for her, and she charged nothing, of course, but people started giving her brownie money, (they insisted), and she was able to give some to neighbors, and expand her range some. One woman gave her an order for several dozen, paid her for them, and told her they were for her son and his buddies in the service out in the middle east. Carolyn was delighted to help our troops, and was totally shocked when the whole unit took a group picture to send to her as a thank you. Her brownies are small gifts from the heart, but powerful and far reaching in their scope and impact. Her local paper did an article of her with her picture and called her the town “Brownie Lady”. She was pleased and a bit shy about it. What I am learning from her example, is that small gestures of love have an important purpose, and she inspires me to reach far with what I have. Share something.