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I am totally blogless
For days I have known that my blog page is waiting….
Time ticks on – I can feel it inside me.
Ideas, oh the real creative ideas – where are they?

Silence, stillness

I pace, I search my brain, I cast about, straining to hear.
Oh no. Oh woe.

When I first set out to write a blog, reluctantly,
I told God and my husband that I really had not
ever intended to get into this kind of writing.
But if it was necessary to step out into this ocean
of new experience, then it would have to be God who gave me
every new idea….
So far, so good.

Until today- until yesterday actually.

How could I be so bereft of ideas when my the
God of the universe was so creative?
I must not be hearing. Deep breath.

Oh Blog, oh blog…where for art thou?
This moment in time cements the fact that I
cannot take credit for the previous blogs.

So I walked down the hall in some angst,
with a theatric wail in my voice calling out
“I am blogless!”

I stopped.
Very quietly, with an amusing thought.

“Blogless is your blog”

Wow. So amusing and so relieving.
An encouraging entry for all readers who find themselves
blogless too.
Be easier on yourself…..God has a sense of humor.