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Facing an uncertain day ahead, I stood, very early in the morning,
Looking out the upstairs bay window of the living room
Down onto the almost awake
world outside.

“This is the day that the Lord has made – I will rejoice
And be glad in it.” (Ps.118:24)
I liked to stand at the beginning of the day and proclaim
That verse.
But it seemed a bit less celebratory that morning, than usual!
Yesterday, at work, had been unusually rough around the edges,
And I honestly wasn’t excited about facing this day.
As I sighed, and turned to go
To continue my morning
I heard clearly, in my knower,
Deep in my inner spirit
A lively and intriguing
“Name The Day.”

That stopped me, but I understood.
Though my coming day may look sketchy from my perspective,
God was clearly inviting me to name this day something – like
What I wanted it to be, instead of what it seemed I forecast to be –
Still by the window, in the brightening skylight,
I pondered.
Peace Day? Pleasant Day? Overcoming Day? What?
I chose. Victory Day.
With permission from the God of the Universe
I changed Tuesday into Victory Day.
Several times during that day I remembered it was called victory, and I
Stretched to see the positive things in it instead of highlighting
the negative.

I have been naming my days ever since.
Try it.