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I have this old family recipe for this very fluffy cake icing that is basically composed of egg whites, and sugar and water boiled into a hot liquid. The icing happens when you beat the egg whites on high while very slowly adding the hot sugar in a stream. The resulting sweet volume looks fantastic on the cake that is waiting for it…gloriously rich and billowy looking. Great taste, and not too rich.

Great look – but the next day when you come to get a hunk of that amazing cake, there is no icing left except a sticky thin film on the cake top. Whoa. It melted. All beauty and not very much substance.

This picture of a fluffy cake, then the plain empty one came to mind as I was casually thinking about all the stuff we want in life as modern consumers. You know, like extra income, upgrades of the newest technology, the extra things, the name-brand clothes – etc. That list, and the longing for that extra stuff, is kind of like the high impact visual royal icing; glorious, tasty, good to the eyes and a real pleasure to acquire, for a very short time, but even when we get what we set after, often it is not long before it is like the sticky residue of the icing on that cake. Not lasting in the satisfaction realm.

According to the God Who made us all, the real and lasting satisfaction comes from what is eternal. Families, helping others, giving, receiving love from God and loving Him in return…being aware of what Jesus did for us on the Cross to secure an amazing and everlasting future –these are things that satisfy the deep space in us that needs to be filled. I do need to replace things, get new things sometimes and enjoy possessions, but I know that what they give me is nice but not deep enough and pretty, but not lasting. I can have them, but I do not want things to have me. Certainly this little cake and icing picture is quite simple, and could be a longer and more detailed study, but as it came to me, it adjusted me in a sweet way.  Blessings.